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Our Brands

Beyond our renowned co-packing and manufacturing services, explore the delightful world of Nutybite – our very own snack brand. Discover a curated selection of premium, flavorful snacks!

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Good For Everything

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Nutybite, our wholesome snack brand committed to your well-being. Our gluten-free, vegan granola line boasts not only irresistibly tasty ingredients but also the health-conscious choices you crave. With low sugar and fat, Nutybite transforms snacking into a guilt-free pleasure, ensuring every bite is a delightful journey towards a healthier you.

More Than Granola

Launched in 2021, Nutybite is dedicated to providing top-tier, health-conscious foods that encourage wholesome eating practices. Our distinct fusion of spices, seeds, and superfoods offers a truly enriching experience for your digestive well-being.

Crafted from entirely natural ingredients, our well-balanced blend is a rich source of fiber and plant-based protein, and is free from refined sugars. Nutybite becomes your ultimate companion on the path to bolstering gut health and boosting immunity.

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Product Categories

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Source of Fiber

Gut Health

No Sugar Added

Recyclable Packaging

No Oats

Nutybite Granola Lifestyle BCC Foods.jpg

Wholesome Goodness

From the irresistible crunch of flavored cashews to the savory explosion of popcorn, the wholesome goodness of granola, and the delightful sweetness of cookie bites, our collection promises a symphony of tastes to satisfy every craving.

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